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Panagiotis Tripontikas was born in Athens on March 18, 1972 and comes from Velanidia Voion Lakonias (Municipality of Monemvasia). He graduated from the Hellenic Navy Academy in 1995 as an Ensign of the Hellenic Navy.
He is married to Irakleia Schoina and is the father of a son named John.
His operational service includes more than 12 years of deployment at sea onboard surface units, one year as the Commanding Officer of Mine Hunter HS KALYPSO. He was assigned as Director of the Floating Naval Museums Battleship "GEORGIOS AVEROF" and HS VELOS.

His staff assignments include the Hellenic Fleet Command and Hellenic Navy Minewarfare Command.

He was designated from Hellenic Fleet Command, Hellenic Navy General Staff and finally, Hellenic National
Defence General Staff as "Friend of the Environment" on an individual level for the year 2019.

From September 2020 until the present day, he is a staff officer of the Department of Infrastructure and Environmental
Protection of Directorate of Military and Technological Support at the Hellenic Republic Ministry of National Defence. He has received medals and distinctions commensurate with his rank. He has completed the diving training in Underwater Demolition Command. He is a graduate of the Hellenic Joint Staff College, the Supreme Joint War College and the Hellenic National Defence College. He is a researcher and a writer and has published the following books:

1. "1900: The Adventures of Pavlos Kountouriotis during the first transatlantic voyage
onboard masted cruiser "NAVARCHOS MIAOULIS" ISBN:978-960-88509-3-4 (
2. Wrecks In The Greek Seas 1830-1951-The Underwater Heritage Of Navy's Stakeholding Fund & Mariners'
Pension Fund ( )

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